Norlin & Aaron Wedding (13-14/12/13)

‘There’s no such thing as a perfect image, only a perfect moment’ – Joe Buissink.

We, at, are always on the lookout for a perfect moment. Hope our photos do justice to Norlin and Aaron :)

Note – we pray for your happiness together forever :)

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The celebration continue… :D

My wife, a mom of 4 children managed to get her Master at the age of 42. We do hope that this going to make the kids realize that anything is possible if we work hard enough to get it…

note – my wife’s husband is freakin’ AWESOME, don’t you guys think so ;)

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my wife is a Master in Land Resource Management :)

this coming Tuesday is my wife’s graduation day at University Putra Malaysia. Her hard work for the last 18 months have paid of.

we are mighty proud of you honey, congratulations :D

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self portrait with me daughter :)

Almost 5 months without updating this blog, still kicking but too busy with something else. A lot of thing happen in that 5 months, personally and externally. Most notably are the increase of fuel price by 20 cent per liter and increase in price of consumer basic items such as sugar.

These were predicted earlier by Pakatan Rakyat but was rejected by 46% of eligible voters. Now we are all in the same boat, ‘enjoying’ gifts from government of the day. So enjoy ;)

I wonder what will happen in PRU 14?

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My new favorite colour :)

green is always ‘soothing’ to the eyes, especially tired eyes…

I’m not bluffing, it is true :)

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still hanging by a thin thread :)

don’t know what to say,

just enjoy :)

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Red and green can be beautiful together :)

you have to agree with me that red and green can be beautiful together :)

see what I meant :D

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Sometimes we need to look down…

Most of us are so busy trying to find our place in this world that we forget to enjoy life simple pleasures. It is not that hard, just simply look down :)

enjoy :D

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A sad day indeed…

Yesterday on the 5th May 2013, 80% of 13 million registered voters in Malaysia went to the polling centers to cast their ballot. I was one of them. Early morning on the 6th May 2013, the Election Commission had declared that BN have won the election with a majority of 133 seats from a total of 222 seats in the Parliament although only managed to secure 46.6% of popular vote.

gerrymandering? I would say at its best. It is a sad day indeed…

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Happy Labor Day from

First May is a public holiday for Malaysians. However, this year is special due to in 5 days time, registered voters will go to the polling polls throughout Malaysia to vote in the 13th Malaysian General Election.

me? Ini kalilah… :D

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